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Having family photos can be as easy as taking out a point and shoot and putting it on a bench aimed a group of people and setting the timer.  Or you can find the family member with a “good” camera and let them take your photo.  Or you can call a professional who will bring the appropriate lighting, camera and lenses to capture YOUR family.  A professional’s job is to take the photos – help you pose to look your best, light you so you look good (and whole…but don’t let me get started on natural light photographers who put people in so much light they “lose” the tops of their heads or sides of their faces to skin or hair “blowout”…but I digress…) and produce the results you want in a timely manner.  My job when I am hired is to come in, evaluate the setting if on location – as we were yesterday – and to balance that with the family dynamics and age groups we are working with.  It can be a challenge to families with little ones – but a good photographer will know how to get the results you want BEFORE the baby gets cranky, LOL.  I bring all possibilities of lighting, lenses, and additional equipment to deal with any possible scenarios that will come up in YOUR location.

It might seem like little things – but a professional does the JOB.  And does it so the family gets what the family wants in the end.  Because who knows when you will all get together in the same place again, get dressed nicely and take the time to take a picture, right?  Candids are great, but a good portrait is timeless.

So here is a sneak peek for yesterday’s family.  Photographer predicted the breakdown of the baby – and photographer was WRONG.  Baby was an angel!  And had a pack of people behind the photographer singing, dancing, jumping and overall looking like crazed circus folks to get her to smile and look at the camera, LOL.  And it worked —–but she might have been laughing AT us, right????


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If you are in the market for a photographer for your next family get together – be sure you evaluate the possibilities.  Certainly the point and shoot on a timer is an option.  As is using a friend or family member with a “good camera”.  But if you want to get results that are guaranteed – and get them done in a reasonable timeframe so you can get back to enjoying your family get together – you might consider hiring a professional.

Just sayin’.


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