Exclusive Portrait Park Happenings…new sets!….{Northern Virginia High School Senior Photographer}

So you really want outdoor shots AND indoor shots, rights?  And you’d like your outdoor shots to be a little different – go somewhere or do something besides sit on a rock or lean against the same green brick wall that everyone uses in downtown Leesburg?  You know, the funny thing is, even the photographer can get tired of taking photos in the same places…same place, different face – sure.  But original?  Sadly….it’s difficult to get.

The problems of going “out and about” are big – equipment is heavy to carry around and the attempts to not take it all mean you don’t have it all with you when you need it.  You tend to skimp on the lighting options because you only have so many hands, and are relying on what someone else has available for you to use.  And yes, public property isn’t always the nicest looking.  Most of what people use is the back of someone’s building, or a garden, or even, something that isn’t theirs at all but know one says anything.  Oh, and did I mention how difficult it is to change your clothes when you are walking downtown?  You have to run back to the car and be a contortionist in the backseat of the car in the parking garage.  Fun, huh?

I created the “exclusive Portrait Park” with the area I have out here because I wanted a place that a client could get a variety of images and still get indoor studio images too – all in the one session.  I started off with natural landscape/hardscape options and have slowly been adding to them for more options since.  The Portrait Park will most likely never be done, and at the rate I move things around, it will most likely never be the same two years in a row either, LOL!  I have a ton ideas and I’m only limited at this point by the ability to acquire certain key components AND bring them home.  (yes, I need to get a pick up truck – or better yet, a flat bed trailer too!)

So this year, I’ve rearranged things again – the “traffic” area has a whole new look with the traffic lights I acquired last year finally finding a home on a wall with the traffic signs – including the new “End School Zone” sign which I thought was perfect.  And we have a new old green wood wall that was one a set of old barn doors – providing a nice rustic feel for the background.  The vintage 50’s green truck is still there, and with all the charm and character that offers I may never find all the possibilities it offers!  And this year I’ve made a “beach scene”.  With sand.  And a raised decking.  And well, it’s just fun and cool looking so I think you’ll like the possibilities it offers.

The pond is looking good this year and I’m hoping to have a bumper crop of wildflowers again which once again will offer endless options…and I’ve put sunflower seeds out on the edge of the field too so I hope the Giant Sunflowers offer some fun posing in the fall!  Oh, and I found this cool hanging chair that looks great with the multi colored shutters and crates…a fun set up that works with sherbet colors and looks amazing….but you’ll have to come see it for yourself!

Here’s a teaser of the new beach scene – why not book YOUR senior session with the photographer that can give you the MOST OPTIONS in the least amount of time?  Because you will NOT be disappointed…your session time gives you the most with Patty Schuchman Photography.


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And because I can’t resist showing this one off too:



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