Does rain have to spoil a wedding day? {Northern Virginia Rainy Day Wedding Photographer}

Does rain have to spoil your big day?  Why would it?  All the really important things are still going to happen – right?  You are still going to end the day as the “MRS” to your beloved “MR”.  And you will get to say those vows in front of your family and friends that love you.  You’ll still have a party, and probably an even better one because what rain shows us is that flexibility is key!  And since we have no control over the elements – rain, shine, sleet or snow…we get even more flexible when the elements aren’t 100% perfect on the day you’ve planned.

But what does concern me is that so many couples do not PLAN for rain.  Like, really think about their venues to think – what will I do if it rains?  Where will I walk “down the aisle”?  What will the scene look like as I do?

And how will we photograph it?  Can we get good photographs?  Do you need to change some other things if it rains?  (Like have rain boots to have a little fun with it, or cute umbrellas, etc)  And should I plan for more dry cleaning for my dress…if I want to venture onto wet grass or even…get a photo in the rain!

Ok…so not every venue can really accommodate a completely rainy day.  There, I’ve said it.  They might tell you it doesn’t really rain all day long at a particular time of day, and the % chance of it happening to you is small…uh huh.  And you might want to only hear that when you are booking your venue.  But it’s not the same thing you’ll be thinking when the predictions call for 80% chance of thunderstorms for the 8 hour block of your day…right?

Which means a big shift in mind set on the day.  Ask your vendors about their opinions BEFORE you make decisions.  From venue owners, to caterers…to your photographer!

From the photographer’s point of view I’d say make sure you speak to us before you make a new plan for seating too. We might have something to say that might affect how you set things up in the new plan.  Like taking into account if we can move around during your new ceremony location – to get the photos of the rings, the vows, the first kiss even…that you want, regardless of sun or rain.  Most couples do NOT leave room around the chairs, the bridal party, etc. for us to get an angle that is pretty…or even in some cases, possible.

If the new location is so cramped that we can’t be anywhere, you need to know that and know what that will mean for your resulting photos.  We tend to move around a lot during a typical wedding ceremony…first and second shooters swap positions 2-3 times during the ceremony…we look for a good angle for your walk down the aisle, and we take your guests into consideration so you don’t have a bunch of heads in your photos.  If you take your location and make it tiny…and then squeeze in 150 guests, with a bridal party of 15…have you “seen” the photos in your mind to think – hmm…how will we get those images?

So be sure to consult with your photographer before you set up those chairs in a tiny little hallway…. or narrow porch overhang..because we want what you want…beautiful photos, even if the day is rainy.

Just something to think about…


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