Do you provide an image CD? {Northern Virginia Professional Photographer}

I get asked this question at least twice a week by new inquires. Honestly, it’s probably one of the most insulting questions you can ask a real professional photographer, but most folks do not know that. I try to be patient and know that most folks are just asking for what they perceive to be the “thing” right now. But the “thing” right now was started by mostly hobby photographers who don’t have professional affiliations and don’t want to be dealing with how to finalize portraits, how to print and how to present finished images. It’s easy to buy a camera and find a business name and shoot, shoot, shoot. Then take those images and burn them all to a CD for a client and say “done”.  But do you want to hire someone who doesn’t finish the job?  Who maybe doesn’t know how to?

A true professional creates art – and in doing so, creates images that are meant to be shared and kept for generations. Not plugged into your computer hard drive and forgotten about.

So do I sell digital files? Yes, finished, fully retouched, ready for printing ANYWHERE – including my own professional print house where I am color calibrated and know the results I will achieve EVERY TIME – and ready for you to keep, share or print. Can you buy a whole session of your images? You can buy all your proofs (or get them free with your Premium session), or  you can purchase fully retouched finalized digital files.  My clients come to me for the art, and in most cases they want the art in a tangible format.  Honestly?  Most folks don’t really want ALL the images – they find and fall in LOVE with many, and together we narrow it down and plan for gift prints, wall portraits, cards, books, etc.  Because honestly, you don’t really want or need ALL the images.  You want the best – and you want the ones you LOVE.

So, no – I don’t sell a CD with my sessions. But there are about 100 other “photographers” out there right now who will. If you think you’ll be happy with the experience and expertise of one of those photographers, chances are I’m not your photographer. I’m sorry to say,  I am ok with that.  Because while having the digital files is nice, it doesn’t replace the art of the print.  And if all you want is to have a photographer follow you around, take a hundred snapshots and hand over a CD…anyone can do that.  And there are lots of anyones out there.  But I’m a professional photographer and my job is to provide a session that gives you the results you want, and then I help you select the images you can’t live without, and then rest of my job starts.  I process, finalize, print and present your memories.  And without that last part, my job is not done.



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