Did you apply for Spokesmodel yet? {Loudoun Senior Photographer}

We are counting down the hours for Spokesmodel applications – deadline is 1/15/15 – so only a little over 24 hours away and the opportunity to save money your senior portraits AND enjoy the experience of having more than a regular senior would get is GONE.

Spokesmodels are basically “early seniors” for their first indoor session – and then get the popular outdoor session in the summer too! With the bonus of having access to the BEST DEAL I offer for the most popular products because you are spokesmodel, you also get a chance to share those early indoor photos with your friends BEFORE your friends get their senior photos done. And if your friends come to me too you can earn a referral credit that gives you EVEN MORE AND a better deal on the popular products!

Want more information? Go HERE. Or call me at (703) 328 7675 and I’ll happily answer your questions on the program!

Know someone else that might this information? Share this post! We need EVERY school to have at least one, hopefully two spokesmodels to help us spread the word about our business. At this time, we only have THREE applicants across ALL the schools – which is NO WHERE NEAR what we want.

So HELP US! Spread the word and let’s get this opportunity out there and get some Class of 2016 signed up today!

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