Curious on the progress? Here you go…{Loudoun County Portrait Photographer}

Are you curious how Matthew Bowe Design Build is progressing in the basement remodel?  Well, it’s humming along very nicely to date!  We have almost 100% of framing done with a few little things left to do once subs complete their projects.  We have almost 100% of rough plumbing done and I’m told we only have another 1.5 days of electrical to get to full rough in there.  The HVAC inspection is called for, so there are only two last BIG tasks on the agenda before we can get to drywall once the above mentioned items are done.  The first is to relocate our main water system in our HVAC room.  The current system needs to move to make way for the new access door to that room.  Unfortunately we hit a snag in that our well never really stops running – TOO MUCH WATER …. again.  {SIGH}  The story of my life here in Round Hill.  Without being able to stop the water from running we can’t move the system.  I’m told the plumber has an idea that should work, we are just waiting on a part delivery to make that happen.

The second part is that the builder is installing two new steel columns and a steel beam so that the large open area for the main shooting space can be as large and as open as possible.  A flush mount steel beam will give me a completely clear ceiling in the main shooting space which opens up the options for the light rails to be in any location in there – so the most versatility possible to shoot in two directions in just that one space!  It’s going to be golden.  And considering basements are usually tight on headroom, and of course we’ll have our share of bulkheads for the necessary stuff, this plan gives me so much and I’m very excited to see the steel!  Today the concrete is being poured for the footers for those – and yes, I have steel in my driveway!  So we are ready to move as soon as the concrete dries!  Of course, all of this is necessary to completely support the rest of my house, so we are being very patient as we have come to love our family room and master bedroom.  And we don’t feel the house would be the same without them, so we’ll love the new steel beams for many reasons!

Here are some progress images – in case you aren’t watching my Twitter  (@pattyschuchman) or my Facebook – but you should, because I toss quick images up there all the time and that’s the first place I go to on the updates!

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Design and build resources include our amazing builder, Matthew Bowe Design Build LLC, Trumps Electric, Dulles Electric, Ferguson Plumbing, and more.  If you have any questions on the progress, please feel free to ask!

Oh, and stay tuned because we should quickly have some updates here on the flooring we’ll be using – you will NOT want to miss this!  It’s going to be AMAZING….


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