Country Style Senior {Northern Virginia High School Senior Portraits}

Carolyn came to me a few weeks ago for her yearbook photo and then returned last weekend to go to a very special location that a friend of mine graciously allows me to use from time to time.  Carolyn wanted fall outdoor photos, and when I suggested this particular location her mom thought it would be perfect.  It was!  We run at this time of year to get the “golden light” and still get variety, but I’ll run if you will, and in this case, Carolyn was willing to run and change quick and it pays off for her with LOTS of great options for wonderful senior photos.

I hope you LOVE your sneak peek, Carolyn!

If you are still considering a senior session, I have openings in December and I’m booking January now also.  Studio sessions are popular in January & February and don’t discount the ability to get fun, CREATIVE shots in studio because I have some wonderful backgrounds that appeal to the fun & quirky senior style!

For more information on my senior offerings, please check out my Senior Info Guide and call me today to book YOUR custom senior session!

  1. Dad says:

    Very nice!

  2. Mar says:

    A lovely Virginia fall day, a pretty young thing and a talented photographer add up to portraits to enjoy for a very long time. Carolyn says she really did smile in a number of exposures! We look forward to seeing the full gallery when it is ready.

  3. Susan Tousley says:

    Beautiful!! I love the background in all of them too. Amazing that Carolyn is a Senior already…it’s hard to believe how quick time flies.

  4. Marie Tousley says:

    The different reflections of Carolyn are marvelous. You have captured many sides of her beauty and personality; her beauty within flows outward. Kudos on the colors.
    Her Grammie

  5. Katy Green says:

    And this photography is beyond amazing.
    I wanna get mine done now too!

  6. Emily Tragish says:

    Great photos, Carolyn. Can’t believe you are a senior and graduating so soon! Such an exciting time… enjoy it as much as you can!!!

  7. Karlyn says:

    Wow these are so pretty Carolyn!!

  8. DIana Joo says:

    LOVE YOUR PIC!! it is so PRETTY!!! I didn’t know the deadline for senior pic was extended. I took my senior pic at a crappy place because i thought it is due on nov 10. anyway! IT IS REALLY GOOD!

  9. Nihar says:

    Nice! These pictures turned out really well! I got the sense that you could totally pass for a country girl from the picture in the middle.

  10. Michelle Young says:

    I love your pictures! =]

  11. Tori says:

    Carolyn you look so vibrant in these pictures!!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!! you look soooo pretty and natural!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Pat Georgoff says:

    These are all fabulous! I couldn’t choose only one shot. Senior already?

  13. George says:

    These are amazing! They look great!

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