Class of 2012 Senior, Hannah {High School Senior Photography}

Hannah is a rising senior at Loudoun Valley High School and came to me for her senior portraits earlier this week.  She’s a beautiful girl with AMAZING eyes and I could have photographed her all day!  Hannah opted for a Basic senior session, so we had one hour in the studio and maximized it with her yearbook drape shots and then 4 backdrop changes for casual shots too.  You can really get a lot done in one hour!

If you’ve stopped to take a peek at Hannah’s sneak peek, please leave a comment and tell us you were here…that helps me know I’m not talking to myself all the time, LOL….


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  1. Shaileen Backman says:

    You did a great job – love them, and am looking forward to the rest! Thanks

  2. Andrea Broshkevitch says:

    Love the pictures and Hannah I love your hair this way. It really let us all see your beautiful eyes and smile.

  3. Carol says:

    As Godmother, I want one of these beautiful pictures of my beautiful Goddaughter!

  4. Gail Love says:

    These are beautiful but then so is Hannah. My favorite is the one in the upper left corner. Great job–great girl!

  5. Eileen Fickes says:

    Beautiful pictures, Hannah! I think the one on the upeper left is my favorite!

  6. Pamela Harinstein says:

    What beautiful photos of Hannah 🙂

  7. Judy Ashley says:

    Hannah you look so sweet. My fav is the top right corner. All grown up!

  8. Lindsay says:

    these are cute!

  9. Keith backman says:

    You are so very beautiful. Love Dad

  10. Libby says:

    I like the top right one, but you look snappy in all of them.

  11. Cynthia Harinstein says:

    What beautiful photograohy – what a beautiful model – OH! That’s our Hannah 🙂 Where did the years go?

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