Change is good…even for a business {VA, DC, MD Portrait Photographer}

Every business needs to update and re-evaluate their business image from time to time.  Sometimes the evaluation happens because you are changing directions, but sometimes your business just deserves a new look.

In my case, my business needed a new look – it deserved it.  As the last 7 years have FLOWN by, I’ve had my ups and downs and lessons learned the hard way.  I’ve struggled to find my niche, and to be all that I have to be to be in business.  And I’ve finally found the right balance that is both good for my clients, and good for ME.

So this year, I start off a little bit differently.  Over the next few weeks you’ll be seeing a new look to Patty Schuchman Photography, LLC.  And you’ll be seeing a new look for Patty Schuchman Seniors.  The new looks were agonized over, debated within, and second guessed until my head was spinning.  But as I’m slowly putting the new looks together with even existing marketing, I’m finding it fits…just about perfectly with who I am, and who this business is – because in the end, we are one..and the same.

So without further ado…here is the new look of Patty Schuchman Photography – get used to seeing it folks, it will be EVERYWHERE this year, I promise!

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Thoughts and comments are welcome…stay tuned for this new look to be introduced on all marketing, packaging, and web presences over the next few months.

And stay tuned for some other announcements that might interest you too…maybe even a pretty good sized one…


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