Just some of my recent sessions

Last one, folks…thanks for sticking with me! Where is the future taking me? Now this one is tough – who can predict for sure, right?  I will say this, every time I make a change to my business it’s because I’m thinking two years in advance, but using data from the last two years to […]

Wow…I’ve made a LOT of mistakes. I’ve purchased a lot of things I couldn’t return, and that didn’t make me any money.  From equipment that didn’t work for me, and that I usually had to sell at a loss, to software products that just didn’t do what I expected (and that wasn’t returnable of course) […]

How to be different?  I struggled with this in so many ways.  Most people think a photo is a photo – and they don’t look beyond the person in it that they love.  Everyone rushes to compliment someone on a new photo on social media, and no one will ever say – “hey, you aren’t […]

Pricing…a touchy subject for many photographers.  I won’t lie – I was totally looking at this from the wrong point of view in the beginning.  I did what most people do wrong – I looked at “competition” and said “I wouldn’t pay that much for that”, and so I priced myself at what I thought […]

Ok, I touched on this a lot in one of my first posts.  What I wanted to do when I started, and what I ended up doing are very different.  But, however we got here, I am specializing in 4 areas. High School Seniors – basically anyone in the teen, or “tween” years.  This can […]

Ah…light.  What truly makes a photograph.  But it’s so …. confusing. Until literally, the light bulb went off in my head one day while I was reading, studying, and trying to “get it”!  I started watching how the light “fell”, when it “fell off”, how it intensified, or lessened, how I could change it’s effect, […]