Just some of my recent sessions

Every now and then, in between all the other projects I work on outside for Patty Schuchman Photography, I take on a personal project. And of course, I don’t do any of it on a small scale. My own craziness…. This year, my husband and I decided we’d finally spruce up the backyard pool area. […]

9/24 update:  Deadline extended to September 30!   So many folks are just now seeing this opportunity, so I’m extending the deadline another week!  Please continue to share and tell everyone you know who might have a high school junior about this program!   Ok, Class of 2020 – I hope you are listening! I […]

Last one, folks…thanks for sticking with me! Where is the future taking me? Now this one is tough – who can predict for sure, right?  I will say this, every time I make a change to my business it’s because I’m thinking two years in advance, but using data from the last two years to […]

Wow…I’ve made a LOT of mistakes. I’ve purchased a lot of things I couldn’t return, and that didn’t make me any money.  From equipment that didn’t work for me, and that I usually had to sell at a loss, to software products that just didn’t do what I expected (and that wasn’t returnable of course) […]

How to be different?  I struggled with this in so many ways.  Most people think a photo is a photo – and they don’t look beyond the person in it that they love.  Everyone rushes to compliment someone on a new photo on social media, and no one will ever say – “hey, you aren’t […]

Ah…light.  What truly makes a photograph.  But it’s so …. confusing. Until literally, the light bulb went off in my head one day while I was reading, studying, and trying to “get it”!  I started watching how the light “fell”, when it “fell off”, how it intensified, or lessened, how I could change it’s effect, […]