Just some of my recent sessions

So often people ask me what can they do with so many great images?  It seems a shame to only put them on a hard drive and not see them all the time. I know – we spend hours in the session, capture so many different and wonderful images and then folks buy the digital […]

Did you know that you can get a FREE, and CUSTOMIZED, digital photo app from your favorite senior images?  Yup, FREE.  Want to know how? Almost every senior that comes to me for portraits wants to share their images online – for their friends, distant family, etc.  And printed wallets are just so…well, old and […]

Having a creative graduation card doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. We offer a TON of templates and many of those can be further customized too. Announcements are used not just to announce a high school graduation, but they are sometimes used to announce a collage intent, intended majors to be studied, or even […]

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