Just some of my recent sessions

Laramie called and inquired about dramatic head shots – so we scheduled an indoor business/headshot session and had about an hour of fun in the studio going through the outfits Laramie brought and the settings I thought would work well for her.  The results were a little overwhelming – so many great options!  Here are […]

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It’s that time of year…when we stop for a moment and reflect back on what we did, and how the time flew by while we did it. For me, 2013 was a really great year.  I went into the year with just a few business goals as I had convinced myself that competition might just […]

Part of why I’ve been so busy this spring and summer and unable to keep up with the blog is that not only are Senior Portraits keeping me busy, but Business Headshots and Commercial portraits are quite busy too.  I love photographing business folks because I know so many  business people settle for business headshots […]

Mike wanted modern business portraits for a new position he’s taking.  The program wanted outdoors, with elements in the background such as brick, concrete, etc.  Since business photos and/or “head shots” can be done in just about any environment, why not, right?  Well the weather didn’t exactly cooperate for Mike’s session last week- so we […]

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Looking for a new business portrait?  Or just want a great new image of yourself?  So many people are using smartphone images of themselves for business photos on social media sites and instead of giving the world your best image first, you are giving them the oddly contorted look of yourself that was created by […]

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When Jean Garrell of Keller Williams – Garrell Homes, called me she wanted to set up a time to have photos of her team of agents all at once.  She was interested in one or two group shots of them and also new headshots of each.  We planned the day, and the location, and everything […]

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