Candidly Speaking

The first ever Candidly Speaking newsletter left my desktop today and is doing it’s cyberspace dance to my mailing list customers as I type this. I am excited to have finally figured this piece of my business out, and to be able to offer a more current and concise way to keep in touch with my customers. The newsletter will give you the latest specials and new offerings, plus keep you up to date with what might be coming down the pike from Patty Schuchman Photography. If you aren’t currently subscribed to my newsletter, you can do so now – just use the link at the top right of this page and you’ll be set to stay tuned with the latest and greatest!

I do commit that I will NEVER share my mailing list with another company, I promise it is safe and secure – and that I will not send you information you haven’t asked for. There are sign up options to be on specific mailing lists – so if you particularly only want to hear about Seniors, or Newborn specials and new stuff, use those options to keep your information flow filtered.

I am planning the newsletter to be monthly – and periodically there will be other communications that may come up – so be sure to be on the mailing list – and TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS PLEASE! Mailing lists only work if they hit lots of people, so I need all the help I can get. Each mailing has a link to forward at the bottom…I’d love it if you would forward my communications to some of your friends – one friend tells another, and maybe two or three people down the line someone needs a photographer. It’s a really small world….

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