Busy in the “slow season”…makes a photographer happy….{Northern Virginia Photographer}

Being busy in the slow season is one thing I will never stop being thankful for!  Although I’d love to sit and have time to go to a few seminars or even remodel some things, I’m doing all of that in between session bookings this year.  And I’m NOT COMPLAINING.  Seriously – this is a tough business and with the options for less expensive amatuers out there, I value all the business that comes to me and sees the value in ME.

What is everyone doing at this time of year you ask?  Good question!  They are getting indoor family portraits – which is wonderful at this time of year and works great for little ones too.  They are updating their head shots, which is also a GREAT idea – do that in YOUR downtime too and be ready for YOUR busy season.  And they are planning for spring sessions for high school senior portraits  – both the ones graduating this year that aren’t thrilled the images the school photographer took last summer, and the ones that just didn’t have them taken at all.  Add to that equation the current juniors that are starting to think about their senior pictures and we are busy booking, scheduling, and taking seniors already too!

YAY!  Family portraits, high school senior pictures, business headshots and commercial & corporate work.  Then add in the weddings that have been already booked for this year and we have a nice 2013 starting off and that makes me one very happy professional photographer!

But don’t get me wrong – there is plenty more time in this year and I WANT TO BE BUSY.  So call me, and let’s book YOUR SESSION.  I have time, and I hope you want or need pictures.  Nice combination, don’t you think?

And while you are at it – check out the website at www.pattyschuchmanseniors.com – always being updated with new images, it’s worth a peek every now and then (and it helps my Google ratings if you follow that link, LOL).


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