Ben, Class of 2010 —- {Loudoun High School Senior Photography}

Ben is about to graduate from Loudoun Valley High School and is very active in the drama department at Valley. I first met Ben at the Oliver production last fall and his mom contacted me a few weeks ago about his senior portraits. Ben had his formal shots done by the school last summer and so was set for the yearbook – but they wanted some casual shots of Ben. I spent a little time scouting some new and different locations for Ben, and by using some of my fall back locations also, we came up with more than we needed in locations for Ben and then it was up to Ben and I to “click”. Ben proved to be an incredibly easy subject, needing very little if any direction. He surprised me time after time during the session by coming up with alternative poses/options for locations! I’d love to have Ben’s eye for seeing options – he really got creative with his photos.

So here you go, Ben – the hard part now is for me to narrow down your gallery to a reasonable number of proofs so I don’t overwhelm you or your mom. That won’t be easy – you were too good at your part of the job!

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Ben1 Blog

Ben4 Blog


Ben3 Blog

If you would like to try some fun locations or interesting perspectives and poses with your senior photos, give me a call and we’ll arrange a time for a customized senior session to get the looks you want!

  1. Judy Bryden says:

    Love the first picture in the series. It captures a great young man that Ben is!

  2. robert alward says:

    Very ceative. Not the senior pictures I am used to but then again I am from a different era. I liked reading your comments about Ben and given his aspirations the pictures would be a good addition to his first portfolio.

  3. Joan Alward says:

    Bejamin is very special to me. He has grown into a very
    wonderful young man.

  4. Conni says:

    These pics are wonderful! Haven’t seen Ben in quite a few years, so it’s great to see the handsome guy he’s become! Nice that you (the photog) added your personal comments, too!

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