At your wedding, the details matter…{Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer}

Even the smallest of details are important on your wedding day. The special photos of your family members no longer with you, the table seating chart you labored over, and most likely fought over a bit, too – the cake, the table settings. All of it. You’ve planned a day that is all about you – so make sure you remember it all in photos.

I have questions all the time when we are going around taking photos of the details. Why? Well, because if you spent the time to make it right, we want you to remember it it looked that day. And those images? They will bring the joy of the day back for you each time you see them. Couples can use them in books or albums as accents – layering other images over them, or around them. They make great backdrops! But also, they help to tell the story.

In this image, we took the rings, and put them on a table in the room the bride put her wedding gown on in, and then used this adorable magnifying glass to accent the ring shot a bit more. This was Whitehall Estate – and there was a lot of character to use as accent for the details – the flowers, the rings, everything. We made sure we took images of all of it so the couple would have them later to remember this day that started off their life as husband and wife.


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How will you remember the little details?

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