At home with the family…{Loudoun Family Photographer}

When this family first contacted me we were looking for fall foliage as a backdrop and we considered all sorts of locations before the dad suggested we use their own house and property.  Smart guy!  They have a beautiful home with picturesque grounds, and their neighbors obliged us with using their grounds also for a couple shots.  I LOVED this family – they were fun and upbeat, and the session was wonderful.  I hope (fingers crossed as always when I present something) that they like the results.  I’m working on them to narrow them down but I did want to give this little teaser of what is to come with their gallery, so here goes – presenting, the Arrington Family…planted in the garden…because they have a beautiful garden and I’m green with jealousy over it!

The Arrington Family

The Arrington Family

It’s not always this easy to get family shots with the pets, but these two pups – Pirate and Buddy were angels and gave me direct eye contact with very few outtakes.   (well, there is the one of Pirate with his tonque out, but that’s just so cute LOL).

If you have a desire for family photographs, consider your own property and/or your neighbors property to really personalize your session.  In this case, the Arrington’s had a beautiful property right outside their front and back door!

  1. Renee says:

    Gorgeous family and gorgeous yard!! I’m green with envy also!

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