At a glance…some things that make my business different than others out there…{Loudoun County High School Senior Portrait Photographer}

Sometimes at a  glance folks can create a first impression of another person, or even a business. As I look around at all the competitive other photographer choices a potential client has for a high school portrait photographer, business headshot photographer or family photographer I can see that there are many differences between how my business runs and the majority of other folks out there.

For one, I keep my session fees as low as possible to stay in business. I don’t have any order minimums and I work really, really hard to be sure I’m bringing the best value to my clients – not overselling them, but also providing as many different options as possible from their sessions.  I’ll work to find the right package for you, or we’ll create one just for you if that’s what it takes.  If you want digital files, we’ll do that.  If you want a beautiful canvas for your wall, we’ll do that too.  If you need time to pay for all of what you want, we’ll work that out too.

Another difference you’ll find is that I love to work with ALL seniors – not just the ones that want to model for a living. I love working with both senior girls AND senior boys – and although I can give recommendations on hair and makeup folks if asked, I do NOT automatically include that in my session fees as I feel this age group needs and WANTS to be themselves. I LOVE finding the pose with each client that makes mom say – “oh, that’s exactly how he sits”, or she stands, or “he does that with his hands all the time”, or even, “that expression is SO MY SON”. Nothing says “WIN” in my book more than giving moms and dads the real memories of their kids.

Although other photographers strive to give a “model” shoot experience to seniors, I don’t make that my #1 priority with ALL my clients. I want each client to be comfortable with having photos done, but I want them to relax and not feel like they have to play a part or be someone they aren’t. If they leave here saying they had fun, or I made them feel pretty or good about themselves, that a WIN for me.

I want to provide a LOT of options in the private setting we have here at the outdoor Portrait Park so everyone – outgoing and SHY, can relax without feeling like everyone is watching them get photographed.  Public parks are great, but so many of them are overrun by photographers that don’t have their own space to use and the competition to get the “best” spot in one of the popular parks is heavy at the best light of day.  Do you really want to be waiting in line for a photo in front of an old building that four kids in front of you just had done too?  And do you want the line behind you to be watching while it’s your turn?  And even worse, do you want to pay a fee for some of the fancier private locations just be photographed there?

And lastly, I always want my clients to feel good enough about their experience that they will tell others, but not because I paid them to do it or because they got something out of it – because they WANTED to tell the world. Because that’s a total WIN for me.

So when you think of high school senior portraits, there are probably many things that come to mind (including the school’s contract photographer) – if high fashion photography with the full blown hair and makeup model experience is what you think of, I might not be your #1 choice for a photographer. Not to say I can’t and won’t photograph you beautifully if you arrive with great hair and pristine makeup, but I promise you I will make sure you look great and feel great even if you don’t show up that way.

I promise.  You will LOVE your senior portraits – with or without the additional cost of hair and makeup.

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