April showers bring May flowers, right??? And a beaver…. {Loudoun Photographer}

We are working hard to get the wildflowers up and going again, and also to move the rain water AWAY from the outdoor set areas.  Between all the snow melting and ALL the rain water that fell in March and April, it’s been quite a chore…

So Wildwood Landscapes is back again to help us with the drainage areas they worked on last year – we have some “tweaking” to do and once we get that right (now that we know exactly where water still “sits”) we should be in a much better place.  But until then, we are getting creative for sure!  We borrowed some pallets from a neighbor (which WILL find a way into the picture as soon as we don’t need them as “stepping stones”…and those are making life better for now.  But we have a better solution coming very soon…so don’t doubt for one minute that we won’t make the Upper Portrait park as beautiful as the indoor studio, but also as functional, LOL.

And of course, to add to my frustrations…we now have a resident BEAVER in addition to the geese who are back again to nest and have their spring family at our natural pond.  And the beaver has decided my weeping willow tree is YUMMY.  So in the pouring rain yesterday I was out there trying to wrap the poor tree trunk to protect it.  And now I’ll have to make morning trips to check on my tree…

Anyone know how to get rid of a beaver????  He just needs to be relocated I think….someplace ELSE.

Life in the country, folks…I can’t make this stuff up.

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