Another PERK to a senior session — FREE Digital Wallet App! {Loudoun County High School Senior Photographer}

Did you know that you can get a FREE, and CUSTOMIZED, digital photo app from your favorite senior images?  Yup, FREE.  Want to know how?

Almost every senior that comes to me for portraits wants to share their images online – for their friends, distant family, etc.  And printed wallets are just so…well, old and done.  So we have a better way to show off your selections – a custom digital photo album of your favorite selections from your senior portraits.  It’s an APP for your idevice or android device, and it works just like any other app.  Except this button brings you to your senior portraits – and when you click on any of them, they show off full screen.  You can show off the app to anyone and everyone, and you can also easily SHARE the app with friends right from the APP.  It downloads to your device and then resides there forever – it does not require wifi to show off your images once downloaded!

Who wants one?  FREE for all Create Your Own package customers!

Check this link out!  http://moblalbum.com/1166/gallery/95796

The link takes you to a sample album to show you how you can see and share your images easily and forever!

How’s that for a way to get your digitals???






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