Another Loudoun Valley Senior – Class of 2010 {High School Senior Photography}

Caitlin’s mom contacted me after Caitlin received a referral card from one of my senior reps, Katilin Bledsoe of Loudoun Valley High School. Caitlin’s mom wanted Caitlin to have fun senior photos, and the school photos were ok, but they wanted something different. We chatted for a while about the offerings I had, and they opted for a Senior Double Exposure session. After a few snow schedule changes (down with snow now!), we were finally able to get Caitlin into the studio to do the first of her two sessions. Caitlin has decided to do the second session as “on location” session, and wants to wait until it’s warmer to go to some fun locations. One of the benefits of a Double Exposure session is that seniors get to really customize their photo experience, and in the end, get more diverse photos to select from in their gallery.

I had a hard time stopping yesterday and could have probably worked with Caitlin for another two hours! She was so much fun to work with, brought GREAT outfits to change into, and was open to playing a bit to find fun poses, and coordinating set ups. I LOVED getting to know Caitlin and hope Caitlin and I find some really fun places to go in the spring too for session #2.

I promised Caitlin a sneak peek of her gallery, and I’m having hard time narrowing it down to my favorites, but in the end, I’m tossing a few up here for Caitlin to see and hope she loves them! Gallery will be just a few more days, at the most, but for now – here’s a taste of the day with Caitlin….

Caitlin, LVHS Class of 2010

Caitlin, LVHS Class of 2010

Class of 2010, LVHS

Class of 2010, LVHS

Free Parking, Caitlin Semo  LVHS Class of 2010

Free Parking, Caitlin Semo LVHS Class of 2010

Even if you are graduating this June, you don’t have to write off your senior photos from the ones you had done last summer.  If you still want to have some fun, and get creative, give me a call and we’ll customize a session that will work for you!  Caitlin’s option of one studio and one “on location” is the most common choice for seniors and gives you the most flexibility – but don’t rule out a single on location session if you just want to compliment the photos you’ve already had done.

And for those of you YET to be photographed – the rising senior class – DON’T just take what comes along from the school – YOU HAVE A CHOICE!  Call or email me today to find out if your school allows outside photographers to submit your yearbook photo, and get the look you WANT in the yearbook, not one of five options that don’t truly represent YOU.  And then, let’s have some FUN with the rest of your session…

Check out my senior offerings online at www.pattyschuchmanseniors.com/seniors, or get detailed session offerings in my online brochure at www.pattyschuchmanseniors.com/SeniorInfo – you won’t be sorry you checked it out, but you may be sorry if you don’t…

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