And we’re moving the dirt around here….{Northern Virginia Portrait Park}

You will only find the “Portrait Park” at Patty Schuchman Photography’s studio and it’s ever changing, improving and growing. This past weekend we took a big leap and cleared a large new area for development that will allow even more amazing sets and areas to be developed in the coming weeks and months. I know you are going to love what’s in store as I strive to make the Patty Schuchman Photography Portrait Park THE place for senior portraits – the PREMIER place to come to and have it ALL – indoor & outdoor locations WITHIN YOUR BUDGET and your SCHEDULE.

One of the biggest issues with having outdoor senior portraits done with most other photographers in our area is that the area is so spread out it can take a LOT of time up to move from location to location. Time is valuable to all of us – and I know seniors don’t have a lot of it to begin with between activities, part time jobs, family, sports and school work. So I decided if I could move it ALL – the best of the “other” locations – to ONE area, I’d have something special. That was the beginning of the Portrait Park.

You are all familiar with the green truck – it’s iconic at this point and I’m quite fond it myself. So along those lines I’ve added a few new areas this year and now with the added clearing we’ve just had done I have an ENTIRELY new area right next to the current one that I can develop also. The plans are to add some grassy areas, some plantings, and a meandering path – through the wooded area that has the most magical light, folks. It’s wonderful! There will be a new family portrait area – and LOOK at the rocks we “unearthed” in the process! – and I am expanded the “fake walls” too. New walled areas are being built out as you read this, and in the coming weeks I have even more ideas to get moving on!

So here are a couple of teaser pics – if you’ve been here, you’ll understand the reference – if you haven’t, you MUST come by to see it all!

Patty Schuchman Photography Portrait Park, Senior Portraits, Family Photography, Outdoor Locations

Patty Schuchman Photography Portrait Park, outdoor portrait locations,

Patty Schuchman Photography Portrait Park, On location photography,

And there is SO MUCH more…but you’ll just have to call to see it all!

  1. Adrianne says:

    This is amazing, Patty! I’m always blown away by your creativitiy and commitment to your craft. I can’t wait to see it all when you finish. Your clients are very fortunate!

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