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Kaitlin Bledsoe, LVHS Senior Representative

Kaitlin Bledsoe, LVHS Senior Representative

I did something different last week, and confused the heck out of folks but in the end, I’ll do it again I’m sure LOL! I put up a business card for Kaitlin Bledsoe, one of my Loudoun Valley High School Senior Representatives on Facebook. (more about reps in a bit). I “tagged” the card with Kaitlin’s name and told everyone to tag themselves on the card too. You didn’t have to be on the card, but I wanted folks to just go in and tag themselves. By doing this, everyone who tagged themselves got a chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate to Patty Schuchman Photography. No strings, no commitments. Use the gift certificate, or not…but it was a fun way to get lots of people to see my Fan page on Facebook and hopefully, to know I exist as a potential photographer for them someday. Maybe, just maybe, they will share my business with others too. It was just exposure for me, and easy to do at that.

Now, about the senior rep part – a Senior Representative is someone who I take photos of all year long starting in the summer before their senior year – and all the way through their senior year. They get at least 4 sessions, sometimes more and we do lots of locations, clothing changes, etc. It allows me to have a model at different times of year, and gives the senior LOTS of photos to use for their senior photos. They get at least one studio session, and can opt for their yearbook headshots with tux or drape to be done also.

Here’s what they do for me: They tell their friends, family, neighbors – the world. They share their images on Facebook with my watermark on them. They get little cards like Kaitlin’s to give away. The cards are good for a $20 print credit if someone books a session with me, but Kaitlin gets even more – LOTS more. The advantage of sharing and being a willing model! In the end, my goal is for Kaitlin to get every picture she wants for FREE…and for her to tell all at her school about my business.

I would LOVE to have a senior rep in each school. My program this year includes Loudoun Valley High School in Purcellvile, Virginia. I have two reps at Loudoun Valley High – Kaitlin, and Kelly Glazebrook. Both are rising seniors and both are beautiful, fun and willing models! (if it ever stops raining on their scheduled times, we might get to show you more of them too) I will be expanding that program to include other schools as options become available and I find the right representatives from other schools.

Ok, the winner – in a random drawing of the names that were tagged on Kaitlin’s rep card on my Fan page on Facebook – is…..

Alex Squee Lee!

Alex, you win a $50 gift certificate to Patty Schuchman Photography. The certificate is good for session fees, prints, design work or digital files.

Thanks for playing folks and I look forward to the next round of Tag You’re It!

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