And let the spring season begin! Class of 2013 AND Class of 2014…HERE WE GO! {Loudoun County High School Senior Photographer}

So it’s time for the games to begin!  Spring is right around the corner and we are busy getting the portrait park put into place with improvements and upgrades…and maybe, just maybe…a few new sets to keep you intrigued!  But while we are busy working feverishly on the outdoor sets, indoor improvements, etc, we are also working on marketing campaigns that will target high school seniors this spring and summer for their senior portraits.

I find so many parents baffled by the senior portrait process, and because of this they seem to “give up” whatever they can.  If the school sends a postcard for pictures  it can be so much easier to “check down” that chore and just use the school.  Unfortunately, the results of such a decision are typically felt in the fall, or even, now – right before graduation.  When we face the real dilemma that our children are leaving for college in just a few short months and there won’t be another opportunity to have a GOOD photograph of them again…well, maybe not until their WEDDING DAY!  Wow….

Ok, so what do we do?   I know the Class of 2013 is getting ready to “get out”…but we have a chance for some last minute portraits of them in their cap and gowns, their college spirit wear, etc.  So I offer mini Parting Shots sessions and hope you’ll take advantage of a short 20 minute outdoor session in your busy schedule to get those last few memories.

And the Class of 2014…YOU are about to be flooded with marketing from everything from your senior pictures to your deadlines for college apps, etc.  Last minute SATs, etc….and of course, you still have another whole year of school before you are done!

Because some schools start their senior portraits for the Class of 2014 in June of THIS year – or even during the summer months, I am starting my marketing now too.  I want to make sure everyone knows they have a choice of which photographer they use – even if you attend a school that says you have to use their photographer for your yearbook image.  You do NOT have to use their photographer for your casual photos – EVER.  The school might be able to “control” their yearbook images, but how and where you spend your money on the other photos that you will have done is YOUR choice.

So to get the year started I have a marketing campaign beginning that will give you a HUGE incentive to take a chance – and NOT use the school’s contracted photographer.  If you have a rising senior in any of the Loudoun County High School’s, keep an eye on those mailboxes folks!  We have a deal you can’t refuse…


If it’s spring, it’s all about seniors!

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