And he breaks bricks, folks – lots of them! {Loudoun Photography}

Technically, this wasn’t photographed in Loudoun, though…so my title isn’t completely correct!  My oldest son is a black belt at James Madison University and while he also helps instruct others, he enjoys perfecting his skills and often tries to surprise me.  On this day I was in Harrisonburg, Virginia to photograph the Tae Kwon Do club’s belt test, as I often do when I can fit it into my schedule.  I think the kids like to get the pictures, and I really have enjoyed doing it, but also watching these kids come up through the ranks and see how they progress.  It’s also a great excuse to drive to Harrisonburg and see both my boys since Matt also attends James Madison University – and their room mate, Andrew, has been a life long friend to both of them….so I get to see “all my boys” and take pictures – win-win!

After each test the advanced belts usually have fun breaking things – mostly wood.  Now I’ve seen Josh break two bricks at once, and it’s scary as a mom to watch it.  Thank goodness for the camera to give me something else to think about while it’s happening.  But on this day, Josh decided he’d break THREE bricks at once.  And of course, panic on my part set in about a split second before he actually put his hand through the bricks.  Even my fast frames per second pro camera could only capture these, and that’s because Josh was FASTER THAN THE SHUTTER.

Since this post is worthless without photos …. please allow a mother to brag a little by showing you the evidence of Josh’s strength….

TKD 0310 -1307-SW-SW

TKD 0310 -1308-SW-SW

TKD 0310 -1309-SW-SW

TKD 0310 -1310-sw

TKD 0310 -1311-SW-SW

And yes, this was the first attempt at this – and he did it the first time he tried.  Wow.

And for those color perfectionists out there (you know who you are! LOL) I know my color isn’t perfect on these….one was edited before the others (guess???) and honestly, this particular room is a nightmare for color casts so finding a good medium between skin tones, floor, walls, and the belts (hard to decide if their belts or their faces should be my main concern???LOL)…anyway, suffice it to say, when I’m shooting for fun, I’m not going to get crazy about the color casts.  In this case, I’m thrilled with FOCUS.  And for the rest of the TKD club, you have photos on Facebook to see – and if you email me regarding any particular shots of yourself, I will search through the 800+ shots I have to find more of you!

CONGRATULATIONS Josh!  I couldn’t be prouder of you!

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