And baby makes four! {Northern Virginia Newborn Photography}

Monica and Satish welcomed baby Alana to their family just a little over two weeks ago and invited me back to photograph her as I had photographed their older son, Aidrek.  Some of you may remember Aidrek as my “best friend” baby because I still rave about what a GREAT newborn he had been to photograph.   He slept the entire time, let me move him, change him, he wore any hat I wanted, and more.  I could not believe how amazing he was!  We were all prepared that a second baby would NOT be so easy and thought this one could be a challenge.  But no….Alana is showing all the signs that she will spoil her parents with her amazing good nature just like her big brother!

She was expressive, but I’ve not seen a little girl yet that wasn’t, and it’s too cute anyway…so let her, right?  And of course, she’s the perfect addition to this family.  Welcome Alana!


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Newborn Photography, Baby Portraits, Baby Photos, Newborn girl pictures, Loudoun County Newborn Photographer, Patty Schuchman Photography

And that folks will round out the sneak peek of baby Alana’s photo session…hope you enjoyed it and if you stopped by to see it, please leave us a comment and tell us what you think!

  1. Monica Unni says:

    Patty, I knew the pics would be beautiful. I can not wait to see them all!! Looking forward to my gallery!!!

  2. sarah safa says:

    Oh Patty…what amazing pics! You never seize to amaze me. Way to go Monica and Satish…yet another beautiful baby!

  3. Sonal Vashi says:

    Beautiful pictures and a beautiful family! I can’t wait to see the rest!

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