And a Mobile Site for Seniors {Loudoun High School Senior Photography}

So I’m one of those folks that LOVES my iPhone.  But alas, it’s difficult to see certain websites on it, and my own website is one of them, GRRR!  But I know I have to have a flash based website to showcase my photos well, and my website is my portfolio of work, so therefore, I can’t change that.  But I can add a mini web site that is designed specifically for mobile users – and that solves my problem!

I’m working on my “main” mini site, but I did get my Seniors Mini site up already….if you have a mobile device with internet, check out www.pattyschuchmanseniors.com/Seniors/Mobile – and if you are on an iPhone, you’ll see a site designed just for your viewing experience.  It’s just a small site – some details, and links for contact and phone numbers.  Perfect for on the go, I need info quick type of inquiries.

I’m working on the main mini site next, and after that, look out folks…I’m redoing the main web site completely!  It’s time to update the image that my main web site conveys, and better portray the business I’ve become.  Working hard this summer on branding, and marketing materials.  I have had a good start, and over the last few months have really settled on my “image” and “look” of my business.  I hope you’ll agree it’s perfect when it’s all done!

In the mean time, check out the Seniors Mobile site and send me an email from it if you’ve found it!  I LOVE getting emails from my websites…..really makes my day. (And convinces me I’m not talking to the wind here….)


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