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So, it’s here!  Finally!!!  I’m ready to show the world.  I’ve been spending much of the last two months analyzing my own pricing and those of my peers and even competitors.  I’ve ripped apart my own pricing and put it all back together in a new and improved format that makes it much easier to understand, and much easier to price a session.  This has been an amazing year for my business, with so many new specialties added on by customer request, and although I love the new things I’m offering, I think it got too complicated to try to figure out what was what in the prices and the names of sessions, etc.  So I tried to make the naming of the session types all the same – and build from there.  I do not want to further confuse, so after numerous spreadsheets and agonizing over the details, I have it ready.

My approach basically has you answering two questions to start – how many subjects will be in the photos, and how many sessions do you want?  Each regular session is a two hour session – two hours of photography time.  In studio, or on location – it doesn’t matter which, it’s one or the other and it’s two hours of time unless it’s a partial – we’ll get to that later.  (there’s always one that just doesn’t fit, kwim?)

I then took that basic concept and came up with names – the Single Exposure (one session), the Double Exposure (two sessions) and the Multiple Exposure (three sessions).  By doing this, I can correlate each type of session to a kind of specialty – for example, a family session is typically a Single Exposure – Family.  And a Maternity is usually a Single Exposure – One person.  My seniors get all three types of sessions in their “offerings” as the multiple sessions are most often used and requested by them.  But you can also price a Maternity/Newborn Combo by doing a Double Exposure – Family.  Get it, two full sessions, both for family?

Take that one step further and you have a PREMIUM session.  For any of the session types – Single, Double or Multiple, you can go PREMIUM.  Premium sessions are a way for folks to save money on session fees by planning up front for how much they think they will spend on prints, etc.  All Premium sessions have built in print credits – a direct credit back to you to use towards anything you buy.  But in addition, Premium customers can enjoy a 20% discount on prints – both desk AND wall print sizes (important concept as the print pricing is also changing), a 10% discount on design items like cards, storyboards, books, AND a 50% of any one storyboard 12×12 or 10×20 in size!  Buying “into” Premium saves you lots of money because your dollars go further with the discounts you get, PLUS you’ll get some of your money back as the print credit with Premium, but nothing comes back with the Basic sessions.

So why the basic sessions?  There are still folks who engage with me and only want a couple 8×10’s or a couple 5×7’s.  I’m not going to argue with them – but the incentives are given to those who want to place a larger print order because, well, that’s the business plan.  And I have to follow the business plan or I’m not a real business.  I hope that makes some sense!

Ok, so without further ado – here is the overview of session types and prices – but don’t panic on the Premium prices – I promise they DO make sense, and they DO save you money!

New pricing Overview

New pricing Overview

So there are more details – the digital sessions are aimed at corporate clients, and the Partial Exposure sessions are mainly for the Yearbook Only seniors, but that’s pretty much the whole thing in a nutshell.  I hope I haven’t confused you more, and I hope you’ll spend a minute to look over and see that the pricing really hasn’t gone up, it’s just been clarified and better aligned.  There were a few small increases, but mostly I’ve rounded things out and simplified the structure.

I’ll be getting everything updated in the next few days – the forms, the websites, and the online guides should be updated very soon also.  If you are on my newsletter, you will also get this news there and I hope that you are on my list – but if not – take a minute to sign up at the bottom of this page!

As always, I welcome comments and criticisms, – but I will say I’m in this for the long haul and I had to find a way to structure my offerings to reflect that.  I hope you’ll stick with me on this journey!  All the pieces and parts of my pricing and information will be updated over the next few days, but this new pricing is effective as of Saturday 11/21/09.  Anyone with a current plan in effect will remain with their contracted pricing for the term of that plan, but all new Portrait Agreements from 11/21/09 will be under this new pricing structure.

Thank you to everyone who helped me figure out what the areas of confusion were – I hope this new structure helps with any confusion, but please continue to call me with your questions and I’ll help you find the session type that meets your needs!

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