About the blog….just in case you were wondering…{Loudoun County Photographer}

I get asked all the time about my blog posts and the preview images I put on here for clients and the world to see. I hope everyone knows that I have two websites – both are my full portfolios of work. My “main” website with portraits, weddings, business images, & family portraits is at www.pattyschuchmanseniors.com and my specialty site for High School Seniors specifically is at www.pattyschuchmanseniors.com/seniors.

So why the blog? And what are these images? Well, after your session I explain to you that I use the blog as a content driven site that showcases images from your session that are portfolio worthy…images I think will get someone else’s attention, showcase my style and sometimes, get folks talking about my business. We discuss that the images on the blog are not necessarily the ones parents buy – these are selected by me for different reasons for showcase. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t images in a clients full gallery that are more traditional, and even more that are similar to others I’ve already done and showcased. I want the blog to always be fresh, and show new sets, new poses, etc. So I try to not put the same pose or set up on the blog every time. But I absolutely do, and/or offer to do, setups and poses I’ve showcased before to anyone wishing to have similar images to those they’ve seen.

I encourage you to communicate with your photographer as to what style you’d like – being sure to select your photographer for a style of portraiture that fits what you see in their portfolio and YOU. Communication before & during the session is key to being sure you’ll have images you LOVE after the session – without surprises for all.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming – I have another senior blog post to put up for you today! Check back in about two hours…

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