A seriously fun couple …… {Loudoun Family Photographer}

When Beth called Brad and asked him if he preferred a barn or a pond, the silly man thought she was talking about a piece of property she’d found that they should look it – but no, she was talking about a scene for their new photos! Married one year, this couple was absolutely a blast to work with! They both had great personalities and were extremely good natured about posing, moving around to different lighting scenes, etc. We used a good friend’s farm – it might look familiar as I’ve used it a few times before – and I LOVE shooting there!

Here is a sneak peek for Brad and Beth to keep them while they wait for their full gallery. Enjoy it!

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Family Portrait Photographer, Loudoun Family Photographer, Family Photos

There is still just a little time in the calendar if you want a portrait session of your own – call and let’s see if the time works for you!

  1. Arlene M. Hubbard says:

    I like the photos they are very personal shots of Brad and Beth

  2. Josephine Gonzalez says:

    Great pics! love the scenery!

  3. Luke Fino says:

    The barn was a good choice.

  4. Paul Draisey says:

    Great! Beth NEVER takes a bad picture!

  5. You look happy and relaxed, what great pictures!!

  6. Lisa Sjurseth says:

    Love the photos.

  7. Kathryn McDaniel says:

    My favorite couple!!! these pictures were wonderful 🙂

  8. Beth and brad look very happy and relaxed, what great pictures

  9. Erica says:

    Very nice photos, you both look great!

  10. Donna Draisey says:

    Great pics!

  11. Kristen Stennett says:

    The one on the road is my absolute favorite so far…can’t wait to see the complete gallery 🙂

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