A senior, a country setting, and horse too….{Loudoun County High School Senior Photography}

Lexi wanted outdoor portraits in her own home setting and with a little patience and calendar shuffling we were finally able to get this one done. The extreme heat, and then the rain caused schedule cancellations for Lexi, but in the end she ended up with a GREAT DAY weather-wise. Low 80’s, no humidity and a beautiful breeze keeping us cool and keeping the gnats away. Perfect combination!

So we began with a review of her outfit choices, then a look through of the property and a light assessment, and we started off on our adventure. Two hours later, Lexi will have LOTS of options for her senior portraits! We moved with the light and Lexi was a trooper about posing everywhere I asked her to pose – which resulted in some wonderful shots and made it very hard for me to narrow down my favorites for this post!

But here you are Lexi – your sneak peek of your senior portraits – stay tuned for your full gallery access shortly and in the mean time, enjoy this preview of what’s to come!

High School Senior Portraits, Class of 2012, Senior Photographer, Woodgrove High School,

High School Senior Portraits, Senior Photographer, Senior Photography, Class of 2012, Woodgrove High School

If you are interested in a senior portrait session also, call me at (540) 554 8743 or (703) 328 7675 so we can set aside time to give you the results you want!

  1. Danny Clarke says:

    Patty these portraits are awesome! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. Danny Clarke says:

    the portraits looking awesome Patty! Can’t wait to see the rest! Thanks so much for giving Lexi the flexibility to do this her way!

  3. Belinda Jane says:

    The pictures of Lexi are so beautiful (not surprised!). Very nice job! We have a senior – watch for a call!!

  4. Cleo Clarke says:

    What a nice job Patty! Thank you!!

  5. Lauren Jane says:

    I love these pictures of my best friend, lexi! You did an absolute wonderful job patty! Can’t wait for you to do mine 🙂

  6. Ivonne says:

    These are great photos! I like how Lexi’s eyes stand out and convey a mood (sophistication, playfulness) that works with the background used, the light and nature.

  7. Rosemary says:

    These are great pictures!!! I can’t wait to see which one ends up on the Clarke mantle!

  8. Mary Clarke says:

    Lexi these pictures are beautiful.
    Patty you did beautiful job.

  9. Savannah Packard says:

    You look so pretty!! Love them!

  10. Lucy hawes says:

    These are beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl! I love them!

  11. Lori Smith says:

    The pictures are amazing. Great subject! the close-ups really capture who she is!!

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