A Personal Project for a Change…{Northern Virginia Photographer}

Every now and then, in between all the other projects I work on outside for Patty Schuchman Photography, I take on a personal project. And of course, I don’t do any of it on a small scale. My own craziness….

This year, my husband and I decided we’d finally spruce up the backyard pool area. In fairness, he actually said I could buy a few plants. (HA HA HA). After he said I could buy a new chair or so.

So, what’s a person to do? Well, to buy some new plants meant I needed to change the landscape beds that had been around the pool…which were … a bit smaller scale.

I truly forgot how much work it was to remove sod. And the expanse of the new areas proved too much for me, so we rented a sod cutter and thank goodness, one of my sons was available to help push that thing. Note to self: they are miracle machines, but very, very heavy.

Once the sod was removed, I had to till and amend the soil, and plant the plants. Once again, the scale overwhelmed. I had the plants that I’d slowly been buying (yup, bringing them home in the car folks)…some mail order so they are teeny, teeny tiny…and others from local nurseries. And in fairness, I had one local nursery plant the three Sweet Bay Magnolia trees for me. But all the other plants my husband and I put into the ground.

Although we still have some mulch to finish, the project took shape yesterday when the pool cover came off and we could see the pretty pool finishes we’d had installed right before we closed the pool last fall.

And so, we finally have an (almost) finished, pretty pool area. (Well, there are 14 more grasses showing up today via FedEx that have to be put into the space because, well, I underestimated how many of those we needed). A HUGE project when I most likely should have been doing other things…but as usual, it got a little bit away from me.

Because it’s not worth much without photos, here you go:

Look carefully above to see the orange sticks – that’s the line we had to enlarge the bed to…

See all the white and black pots? Those are the plants that we bought at local nurseries. The popsicle sticks represent other plants that had “reserved” space until I could find them locally. Which I did…but again, a longer story than you can imagine.

And we also had a smaller bed on the other side, but I never took photos of that one in the beginning.

And now, to find another project to keep me busy..oh yeah, that business of mine is getting ready to rock and roll the spring again. Just in time, I like to stay busy folks.








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