A good day’s work…but another stall for weather….{Loudoun County Portrait Photographer}

It was a good day’s work – considering it took practically all day to get to 40 degrees!  The crew had to uncover the project from it’s protective tarp, remove water and ice from the site and then get to work.  Order of the day:  dirt delivery for the planting areas around the waterfalls, and construction of the double waterfall.

The two base stones had been set in place, but the spillway – the rock the water flows over – had to be put into place and boulders and rocks placed around that to give it the look we wanted.  Overall we have it – with a little tweaking in the final hours today when I had a minor issue with the placements on the left side of the bottom fall.  But the guys worked like crazy to make me happy, and in the end I do like it much better.  The spillway at the top needs the front piece to be chipped up a bit to look more natural (it had to be cut with a rock saw and right now it’s looking a little too “manicured” for my taste).  But considering how far we’ve come, it’s a minor point.

It’s frustrating that we are stopping again for weather…but with the rain prediction it’s a good chance I won’t see anything on this done again until Monday now.  We still have the small falls spillway to be placed, more stones around the side of the falls, a few more edge stones around the front “lip”, and all the plumbing to happen.  And all of that before I see the planting plan to figure out the next “phase”.  But it’s all good, right?

I mean – this is one BIG project!

waterfall, portrait park, patty schuchman photography, outdoor photographerwaterfall, portrait park, patty schuchman photography, outdoor photographer


And once again, it’s all Wildwood Landscape LLC’s vision here…check them out for your next project – they will not disappoint!

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