A boy and his Jeep….{Loudoun County High School Senior Photographer}

Patrick, or PJ, graduated from Loudoun Valley High School last spring and I had the pleasure of first photographing him last fall at his not-so-part-time “gig” with the Purcellville Volunteer Fire Department.  You might remember as I LOVE fire trucks and that was my first time up really close with them, and in P’ville’s newest safety center.  When I ran my Fresh Faces contest in the spring PJ entered and was one of my winners of a Double Exposure session.  This year he once again opted for one of his sessions at the safety center with the trucks, but he asked for it to be for the whole of duty crew 6 – “fire speak ease” for the group of guys he works his shifts with, and of course, I said “yes!”.  So a couple weeks ago I was back at the “fire house” and had fun with the trucks…YAY! for me!

But this week we went to a wonderful friend’s barn in Bluemont, and PJ met me with his Jeep so we could get some natural shots around the barn, and with the Jeep.   This is for PJ, and his mom.  He said she needs and wants good photos of him – so here you go, Mom.  We got quite a few “good ones” of him for sure!

These are just your teasers…wait until you see the full gallery…

As I’ve said before, I’ll go anywhere when you request an “on location” shoot, and if you need ideas I’ll make suggestions.  I’m very fortunate to have wonderful friends who have allowed me to shoot on their property, and of course, I LOVE making new friends too!  If you know of a beautiful location, and either want to suggest it, or have a session in it, call me!

For now, if you’ve stopped by to see PJ’s sneak peek, leave a comment and let us know you were here!!!!

  1. Rich says:

    Thats my BOY!! Chip off the ol block

  2. What a handsome senior with great taste in his ride.

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